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Our South African Limber Team are from the Anodyne Pain Clinic in Cape Town.

Dr W Adriaan Liebenberg

Dr W Adriaan Liebenberg


Dr Liebenberg is the director of the Anodyne Pain Clinic in South Africa.

He trained at the University of Stellenbosch. Adriaan holds a Masters degree in Neurosurgery from the University of Stellenbosch. He also holds a Fellowship of Neurosurgery degree from the College of Neurosurgeons of South Africa.

He has an interest in spinal pathology and specifically in the non-surgical management of spinal conditions. His motto is ‘The finest cut is no cut.’

Adriaan also trained at the Hurstwood Park Neuroscience Unit in Sussex, England. He has a passion for interdisciplinary teams and believes that most spinal pain can be managed successfully through a tailored program of rehabilitation. Dance therapy has been part of his spinal rehabilitation for the last two years, with incredible results. Not only in the prevention of spinal surgery, but also in the rehabilitation of patients following spinal surgery.

He has a passion for teaching and is the author of multiple scientific publications as well as books. He has written several textbooks in neurosurgery and also patient informed and self-help books on spinal pathology. Patient education is part of his psyche.

The most important part of spinal rehabilitation is maintenance in a disease that has a genetic basis and is forever progressive in its nature. Dr Liebenberg now operates on less than 5% of his patients.

Seugnet Esterhuyse

Seugnet Esterhuyse

Therapeutic Choreographer

Seugnet Esterhuyse owns her own dance and movement studio in Cape Town.

As well as holding a Dance Teachers Diploma Major in Ballet and Contemporary Dance from the University of Cape Town, Seugnet is also a qualified Yoga teacher.

With over 10 years of teaching experience. Seugnet has worked with a wide range of age groups, from youngsters to adults and has taught contemporary dance and ballet in underprivileged schools for the Western Cape Educational department. Seugnet is the owner of a movement studio in the heart of Cape Town CBD which she opened back in 2012.

Her vision is to help people move, to feel empowered and to find that mind/body connection.

"I educate people on the necessity of movement to maintain health as well as healing for their physical and emotional bodies."

As head of the technical department at Limber, Seugnet was head-hunted by Dr Liebenberg to choreograph the therapeutic movements into beautiful dance routines. She is continually bringing innovative patterns and flow to Limber and her dedicated students.