What is Limber?

The movement therapy for EVERYONE. Limber movement therapy is a maintenance program for back and neck pain. Developed by a team of doctors, physiotherapists and dancers. It aims to prevent spinal surgery and offers a safe option for life-long maintenance of your spine no matter what the current age or fitness status. This therapeutic dance incorporates many of the principle of Pilates, Yoga, Movement therapies, Physiotherapy and Biokinetics. It could be the cornerstone of your spinal maintenance program.


What our customers are saying

I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your classes and web content twice weekly since March 2020 (having had a micro discectomy at the end of December 2019). I am feeling so much more flexible and managed to do ‘superman’ on a paddle board on the sea last week! I am very grateful to you and your colleagues at Limber Therapy

Alison Taylor (Hove England)

Thank you for the excellent dance therapy!

Ina (Cape Town)

The Limber movement therapy classes for me have been truly life altering for me. I was in extreme pain in my entire spine when I first saw Dr Liebenberg on 4 March 2021. Besides the usual arthritis and getting older, he advised that I do walking and lots of movement and introduced me to the “dance” movement classes. I was basically jammed and frozen in my spine, even though I had been doing Pilates twice a week and walking a few days a week (but with Covid reduced walking). As I am now working from home I do a Limber movement class depending on the time availability that I have. The fact that you can do 10 minutes to 45 minutes works really well for me as time is short in my life. I now wake up early 3 x per week (non Pilates days) and do a 25-40 minutes online class is just magic for me. I can do the class before kids need me and school lifts. Convenience is everything these days as I don’t get time to go to gym anymore. The classes have explained the importance of movement, however small. The variation in the movements is the most important and the classes are just lovely, I really enjoy them. They are motivating and inspiring. The classes should be mandatory in every company that expects its employees to work eight hours a day in front of a computer. The pain in my spine is now almost completely gone, save for the tip of my spine which has recently improved, (the classes together with diet and lots of other small changes) is now allowing me to sleep and be pain free. I guess it’s a forever and has made me extremely aware of movement. Cannot thank you enough.

Tirzah Myers (Cape Town)